Grey Lynn Gin 700ml

Grey Lynn Gin

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The idea for Grey Lynn Gin was conceived by Hannah & Jack on New Years Eve 2020 in Picton the year ahead seemed a lot more straight forward than what came to be. Commencing work distilling in their garage in Grey Lynn almost immediately and through a process of trial and error they settled on a less subtle more punchy fruity gin, using locally sourced botanicals to alleviate the issue of pairing gins with tonics and strived towards a gin with and strong enough flavour profile to suit all neutral tonics and lemonades. The 2020 lockdown whilst proving frustrating from the standpoint of getting an operating business off the ground, did allow for more dedicated and full time experimentation into the distillation process and the flavour profile. The result was an unapologetically citrusy first flavour that would appeal to gin lovers everywhere.

Volume: 750ml

ABV: 40%

Country: New Zealand